May 30, 2023
How To Get Free Spotify Premium Accounts In 2023

How To Get Free Spotify Premium Accounts In 2023

Spotify currently ranks among the very popular music programs on the planet as a result of its excellent online streaming service that offers podcasts, songs, books, humor tones, poetry, and audio books for individuals to listen to anytime, anywhere.

The Spotify program is a must-have for music fans and the best part about it is its own cross-platform service.

It’s compatible with most smartphones, PCs and some gaming consoles.

Although the free app features plenty of content, Spotify may be even more exciting once you subscribe to a Premium program.

How every spotify facing error like ‘spotify not playing songs‘ which are very common.

In this post, you can discover ways to get free Spotify accounts.

The Spotify service has been gaining popularity and came online in 2008.

There are now 4 different types of Spotify account subscriptions.

They have been designed to suit unique needs.

They comprise:

1. Free Account

You can expect sponsored ads to look once in a while, although account users won’t be required to cover any fees to get the features that were free.

You may hear music.

2. Premium Account

Spotify Premium accounts price 9.99 USD each month and it includes much better features (listed below).

3. Students Account
Spotify offers students a subscription price decrease.

This specific service costs only 4.99 USD per month and it gives students access to all the Spotify Premium services and attributes.

4. Family Account

The Spotify Family subscription plan will allow the whole members of your family to get its Premium services on multiple devices concurrently at the speed of 14.99 USD monthly.

Spotify Premium Account Characteristics
The Premium edition of Spotify is just one that costs 9.99 USD a month & 4.99 USD for pupils to unlock more advanced capabilities.

For this cost, Spotify will supply you with capabilities.

Some Spotify Premium features include:

  • Unlimited Music Downloads – There are no limitations on saving or downloading your favorite tracks for one to hear offline.
  • Superb Quality Audio – You can enjoy listening to your favorite music in high-quality sound (320 Kbps) with the Premium edition of Spotify.
  • Additional Features – You can access handy features such as music shuffle, seek, skip, and repeat to enhance your overall Spotify experience.

Top 5 Ways to Open Your Spotify Premium Account

We have highlighted 4 methods to access Spotify Premium free of charge.

Use some of them to set out on a free journey.

1. Pointsprizes

The PointsPrizes platform offers up a fantastic chance to receive your free Spotify Premium account.

You also stand a chance to win loads of other benefits that are awesome from PointsPrizes Aside from getting Spotify Premium free of charge.

Follow these simple steps to get your Spotify Premium accounts that is complimentary from PointsPrizes:

Visit the official PointsPrizes website and proceed to start your new account. But if you already have one, you can just log in with your own username & password information.
Next, you have to find and execute as many jobs as you can.
All these jobs are straightforward.

They generally involve completing surveys, daily spinsetc and you’ll be rewarded with points.

PayPal money can be used to subscribe to Spotify Premium accounts.

2. Utilize the Spotify Premium Android Mod

Are you currently Team Android? You are able to harness a modified variant of the Premium app from Spotify to get its premium services at no cost.

Follow these simple Actions to Learn How to get Spotify Premium free of cost:

But don’t start the software yet.
Additionally, note that you must first permit the ‘Setup from unidentified sources’ option from the settings menu in case you can’t set up the apk file.
Next you have to download and install a VPN program which works.
Utilize that VPN program to attach via a random nation like Germany or France, etc..
You can now launch the downloaded Spotify Premium mod apk software and then log in through your free accounts on Spotify.
Your Spotify account will now have access to features and all of the premium services. youtube to mp3

3. Use the Free Spotify Premium Account Accessible Online

You will be pleased to discover that there are lots of Spotify Premium accounts on the internet which may be used to delight in premium features at no cost.

There are networking groups that are societal and other third-party sites where users prefer to share the facts of their Spotify Premium accounts.

We’ve gone ahead to compile a list of Spotify Premium reports from throughout the internet right here.

Our intention is to assist you in your quest so you can listen to your preferred songs in the best ways possible, to acquire Spotify Premium free of cost.

List Of Free Spotify Premium Accounts & Passwords

4. Use Your Friend’s Account

It’s also possible that you request a member of yours that owns an account linked to Spotify Premium providers to share their details or your friend.

The Spotify service allows for 5 additional users (excluding the proprietor ) to discuss one account.

Finding should not be a problem. There are tons of websites online that offer live NCAA football streams but many of them are not free.

Spotify Premium account make throughout any special event or birthdays for excellent gifting ideas.


Here ends our post to get a Spotify Premium account free of charge.

You can now enjoy listening to your favorite songs in audio and with no disturbance from sponsored ads and their are similar comphite given by free version of youtube but you needs to convert youtube to mp3 and listen music mp3 online without any disturbance .

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